Jam Jar Cocktails

My gorgeous friend Grace recently hosted a cocktail party where she served jam jar cocktails. She got the idea whilst on holiday in New York, where she had been served a cocktail with a teaspoon of jam. The teaspoon was balanced across the top of the cocktail glass for the customer to stir into the cocktail before drinking.

Grace evolved the idea by serving cocktails in cute jam jars. We started by putting crushed ice into our jars. A spirit of choice was then added – we used orange liqueur, gin or vodka – followed by sugar syrup and lemon juice.


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Fruity vokda infusions

For me, winter and home infused alcohol go hand in hand. Each year my mum makes limoncello which drink on Christmas day. It tastes so sweet and citrusy that you forget about the alcohol content – I remember my granddad and I knocking back quite a few before lunch time last year! Here my mum and little brother are looking very excited about opening a new bottle!


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