Weekend Love

Hurrah! After 2 years of searching, I have  FINALLY found a wedding dress (well sort of!)  With the wedding only 7 months away, the pressure has been on.  I’ve tried a lot of beautiful dresses but nothing has felt quite right.  I knew in my head what I wanted but just couldn’t find it.

I had been thinking about getting a dress made but was concerned about finding a dressmaker who could pull off something young and fashionable enough.  Everything I had seen was a bit too traditional.  However, when I stumbled across Amie at Fleetwood of London (thank you Instagram!), I knew that she was the one to create something bespoke.

Amie designed her twin sister’s wedding dress which I adore (see the gorgeousness below).  She has also worked with Kate Moss and Florence Welch so I have no doubts that she can create something super chic yet super cool.

I’m going to see Amie tomorrow to look at some sketches that she has drawn for me and I’m very, very excited!!


Photo by M&J Photography


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