Valentine’s Day Ideas

Guaranteed to make your loved one smile!

Realistic Red Silk Roses

Say ‘I love you’ this Valentine’s day with a beautiful gift for your loved one and your home. At Heavenly Homes & Gardens we know how hard it can be to find that perfect Valentine’s gift, so we thought we’d give you a helping hand. From that perfect candlelit dinner, to some home decor she can show off forever; we’ve got it covered!

The perfect stay at home Valentines

We think Valentine’s Day should be about spending some quality time together; an excuse for that much needed date night. So, why not surprise your other half with that perfect afternoon tea or dinner? We like this idea as it works for both halves of the relationship.

Bombay Duck at Heavenly Homes and Gardens

Romance her with her favourite foods and take pride in your dining room decor with our extra special candle holders and her favourite crockery. Treat him to that candlelight dinner for two that he would never expect, chef up your speciality and serve with a pud for two.

Flowers to last a lifetime

Red Silk Roses

A beautiful hand-crafted silk rose will last a lot longer than a real one. Why not choose a few stems in your lucky lady’s favourite colour and make your own bouquet? Follow our simple steps listed in our January blog post to create a special bouquet just for her. The thought and effort behind this gesture is so much more than a shop bought bouquet; who wouldn’t be impressed? Moreover, in the future, your other half can always deconstruct the bouquet and use the stems as she wishes!

Red Silk Roses

Hearts in the home

Do you get fed up of your other half purchasing accessories for the home? Treat her this Valentine’s Day and surprise her with some homeware hand picked by you!


Shabby chic decor would definitely be on our list of ‘must have’ items this Valentine’s Day. At Heavenly Homes & Gardens we love to make our homes look beautiful, filling them with sentimental memories and keepsakes. We think that our shabby chic hearts would look perfect in any room with their neutral tones and range of sizes. In our minds, there is always a place you can hang a heart!

Twelve months of date nights

Let’s face it, busy lives and weekend routines always seem to get in the way of a good date night. When was the last time you had a special date for two like those early romancing days? With this gift, you can present your other half with twelve sealed envelopes, one for every month of the year – up until the following February. Inside each envelope will be an invite to a date; from a romantic picnic in May to a cooking class in August; a city break in October to an ice skating date in December. Whether you choose to let your other half open them all at once or on the first of each month is up to you!

Whatever you choose to do this Valentine’s Day, we hope you have a lovely one.

Pink Silk Roses


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