On the third day of our holiday we visited Vinci, the birthplace of Leonardo da Vinci.

We had two huge people carriers to transport our group of 13 and unfortunately I was one of the designated drivers. We nicknamed our car Pinocchio because of its long nose! Despite the HUGE car and hundreds of cyclists who insisted on cycling in the middle of the road, the drive to Vinci along the winding countryside was fabulous.


We spent some time in the town which was ever so quaint.

P1080321 P1080322


My giant family!



We visited the Museo Leonardiano, where we learned about Leonardo’s engineering feats. It’s amazing to think how talented he was in so many respects.

P1080331P1080357P1080340P1080337 P1080343

We climbed to the top of the bell tower in Vinci which gave amazing views of the surrounding countryside.

P1080361 P1080365 P1080370 P1080368 P1080360P1080367


I tried out the panorama setting on my phone…


We also visited the church where Leonardo was baptised.

P1080346 P1080347

Finally, we visited the farmhouse where Leonardo was born, the illegitimate son of wealthy notary and a peasant woman.  The house was in the countryside and surrounded by olive groves. It was absolutely beautiful and so peaceful.

P1080376 P1080377 P1080405 P1080406 P1080401 P1080402 P1080389 P1080392 P1080396

That night, we headed out for a meal at the local Italian restaurant.


Do you see what I have to put up with!?!P1080421P1080425


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