A very vintage weekend

We recently(ish!) had a very vintage weekend in Birmingham. We stayed at a friend’s parent’s house which hasn’t be lived in for many years. Entering the house is like stepping back in time – it is a wonderful shrine to the 60’s and 70’s.

The kitchen is delightfully retro. How fabulous are these blue cupboards?



Each of the bedrooms has a suite of walnut furniture and gorgeous little fireplaces….



… and I just love the green telephone which matches the ever so cute curtains!



We found these gorgeous scales and some old bottles in the larder.




I love that the Martini label quotes it as being “an ideal drink for refreshment after all sporting activities”. I doubt that claim is repeated anymore!

Can you guess what this is?


Apparently it is a cigarette holder which would be put on the table at dinner parties!

After we explored the house, we headed to the French Hen in Stourbridge for dinner. The French Hen is a great local pub/restaurant with a quirky, French inspired interior. Dinner was delicious and the wine flowed freely.

On the Saturday, we visited the Custard Factory and spent hours wandering round Mrs Bird’s Emporium.  Gaz bought a vintage silk scarf to add to his collection of cravats (he shuns ties in favour of more fancy neckwear!)  I bought this original 1950’s dress which came with a matching box jacket, from Rock Follies Vintage. Isn’t it heavenly?


In order to make the most of the house’s large garden, we decided to get some fireworks for Saturday night. A friend’s father who is very keen on fireworks (which, by the way, I think is a genius hobby for a dad to have!) kindly arranged a huge box of tricks for us. We joked that it was enough for a Council display, and I don’t think we were far wrong!


Armed with Amaretto hot chocolates, we headed outside to watch the display. There was some confusion as to whether the tip of the Fire Phoenix dug into the ground or pointed up to the sky. In the end, we decided to bury the tip in the ground. As you can see, we got it wrong. Our poor Fire Pheonix started shooting at the ground and almost took off! You can imagine the panic and laughter that ensued!


That night we headed out for drinks and discovered Ginger’s Bar, which had a brilliant cocktail menu. My favourite was the East India Trading Company which was made from spiced rum, scorched peppers, cacao, muscavado and Aphrodite bitters. Heaven in a glass!




On Sunday, we went for a walk down the delightfully named Love Lane to the local park, where we fed the ducks – something I haven’t done for many years.



In all, a perfect weekend!



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