Bristol in the snow!

Yesterday, I woke up to this lovely sight from my bedroom window. Five inches of snow and a fox dashing across the garden.


The garden looked so pretty and the snow did a great job at hiding the unruly lawn!


Bristol has been so submerged in snow that Victoria Park made the front page of today’s Guardian newspaper.


To show how deep the snow was, this was my wing mirror on Friday night!


Bristol also made it onto the Telegraph website on Friday when some residents skied down Park Street! See the Telegraph’s funny video here:

This picture of one of the skiers caused a bit of a stir on Twitter and made me giggle!


It’s not the first time we’ve had winter sports on Bristol’s streets. In 2009, we had snowboarders on Blackboy Hill!


And the same year, we also had skiers on St Michael’s Hill:

Bristol is of course known for its graffiti, but have you ever seen snow graffiti before? This awesomeness was created in the park close to my house on the weekend!



How amazing is that?!


I was also very impressed with this igloo in a neighbour’s front garden:


And this fabulous snowman was spotted down the road in Southville:


On Twitter, I discovered serious contenders for the South West’s tallest and shortest snowmen! This leggy chap was photographed in nearby Frome:


Whereas this miniature man lives on a Bristol window ledge:


In addition to traditional snowmen, we also had an array of snow animals:


Although, whilst not from Bristol, I have not yet seen any animals which rival these majestic snow lions created by Catherine Ingleby in 2009:


I took these pictures on a walk to Perrett’s Park on Friday. The park which was absolutely packed with children sledging and having snowball fights. Doesn’t it look pretty?



We also made it out to Clifton for dinner at No. 4 – the front garden looked gorgeous lit up in the snow.


I just love a good snow day and would love to hear all about yours!


Images courtesy of Zane Omar, Rose Hip Paper, Bristol Culture, @Stenbird, Emma Yeo and Mrs Brown’s Cafe


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