Fruity vokda infusions

For me, winter and home infused alcohol go hand in hand. Each year my mum makes limoncello which drink on Christmas day. It tastes so sweet and citrusy that you forget about the alcohol content – I remember my granddad and I knocking back quite a few before lunch time last year! Here my mum and little brother are looking very excited about opening a new bottle!


Last Christmas, my best friend made winter spiced rum which she put it in a vintage decanter and gave to Gaz as a gorgeous Christmas present.  As you can see, it tasted so good that we don’t have much left!


I also made lots of sweet flavoured vodka for last New Year’s Eve. I tried cola bottles and jelly babies but unfortunately they didn’t dissolve very well and turned the vodka a muddy colour – not the most appetizing! However, the skittles vodka worked a treat and tasted amazing!


Gaz also likes to make sloe gin around this time of year so that it is ready in time for winter. He tries to keep a bottle aside especially for New Year’s Eve.

This year the sloe harvest was rather poor and we therefore decided to try some new flavours. We had been to Farrington’s Farm Shop and bought lots of juicy plums and pears which we thought would go perfectly with vodka.



For the pear vodka, Gaz removed the cores and popped the pear halves in a kilner jar.


He added roughly half the amount of sugar to the weight of the pears in the jar:



and then topped up with vodka!


We used a Russian vodka as it is good quality but not too expensive. I would suggest going for the most expensive vodka you can afford, unless you are just experimenting with flavours, in which case a cheaper vodka might be better (lesson learned from the cola bottle/jelly baby incident!)


Similarly the plums were deseeded and placed in a jar with sugar and vodka.


It is important the jars are clean and airtight to stop the fruit from going off.


The mixtures will be stored in a cool dark place and given a shake every day for the first week. After that, the infusion will be shaken once a week for a month or so to ensure the sugar dissolves.


Once the infusions are ready, we will decant them into bottles.


Gorgeous for drinking or for giving as Christmas presents.


I’d love to know if you have any favourite winter infusions!


2 thoughts on “Fruity vokda infusions

  1. When i decide last minute to make a sweetie vodka i pop the airtight bottle into the dishwasher and let it run for one or two cycles (till the sweets have fully dissolved) speeds the process up and you can have it all done it a few hours! Perfect for last minute gifts and doesnt look like you forgot.

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