Annie Sloan Welsh Dresser

This weekend’s project was the transformation of this Welsh dresser:


Gary was away with friends so I had planned to have a productive weekend working on furniture. I woke up bright and early on Saturday ready to get started only to discover that Gary had accidentally taken the keys to the garage away with him! This meant I couldn’t get to any of the tools or any of the furniture in the garage! Determined not to miss out on a weekend of painting, I took matters into my own hands.


After quite a lot of sawing, I was in!


After a slightly delayed start, I was able to get the sander out of the garage. The dresser was made from oak and I had decided to strip the dark varnish from the worktop to reveal the beautiful wood underneath.


I had treated myself to some new Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and thought Country Grey would look lovely on the rest of the dresser and would compliment the oak worktop perfectly.


I sealed the worktop for protection but used a clear wax so as to retain the colour of the wood.


The paintwork was also waxed for protection. The dresser had some lovely detail which I accentuated by sanding and lightly distressing.





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